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On April 10 2013, I called a Big Company in the Yellow Pages, when the Estimator /Salesman gave me a crazy high price for a 200 amp Panel Box , i took two steps back and google Electrician Fort Lauderdale and there pop up was Florida Electrician , the owner Larry came out to my house looked at my job and gave me a price at half the cost of that big rip-off company ,well the workmanship was very professional and the installation was all done in one day , thanks Larry.

Nancy G, Fort Lauderdale

The Florida Electricians team were able to come and service my 200 amp circuit breaker, they did great and I have not had any more problems since they came. The service definitely lived up to the guarantee.

Chase C.

Thank You Florida Electricians for the great job you did in my home. The electricians were highly skilled professionals, they performed the work easily and quickly. Larry your company is customer friendly and I would recommend them to everybody, thanks again.

Miss Brown from Miami

On Aug 15 this year we had flicking lights in our Palm Beach Home, I called Florida Electricians and they were at my door in less than one hour, your master electrician Ernie found the problem to be in my main panel box, he quickly rectified the problem and fixed my lights, there is no doubt that my house would of burned down if not for Scott fixing the problem in a timely matter, thanks.

Mr. Cohen

As a business owner in Boca Raton, Florida I did not want to have my power out. on July 25 I lost my power to half my business, I called Florida Electricians there was no run around with this company. They told me one hour and yes they were at my door in one hour, there Electrician looked at my main 200 amp panel box and upon his inspection the main breaker and the load side cable were burned up. To make a story short they had my business up in running by the next day, I just want to say thanks guys, and don’t forget come by Friday night beers on me.

Steve M , Fort Lauderdale Florida

Ok listen I did not want to write a review, I call this company and the owner answered the phone. I told him I needed a ceiling fan installed and he told me the guys would be out in one hour. I told him no way your guys are getting to my house that fast. Well they were at my house in one hour, installed the fan and did a very clean job. Larry the owner called me the next day and ask me to write a review. I told him why not you promised everything you told me and now it’s my turn, thanks guys.

Mike C , West Palm Beach

To Who it may concern being a single mother of three great kids is tough enough ,a big challenge for me was on New Years night when i lost all my power in my house ,i had no idea who to call ,well i went on my smart phone looking for a Electrician and i called Florida Electrician much to my surprise somebody answered the phone ,the Electrician Larry told me he would have somebody out in 1-hour , well being it was 1 am in the morning i was just in total shock that the electrician was at my house in less than 40 min found my problem which was only a bad breaker he corrected it charged me which i thought was a fair price and wished me a Happy New Year.

Janet Wilton Miami Florida

Hi , Well being in my Golden Years you got to watch who you hire and not get taking advantage of , i had a Electrical Problem in my Condo and i had no clue who too call , so i called Mr Erving who was the President of our Building he told me Molly relax we use Florida Electricians for all our work and most of the Residents in the building use them too , so Mr Erving call them on my behalf the Electricians came out and found my Problem in my Main Panel Box , the Electrician told me it would serve me well to Replace my 30 year old Federal Pacific Panel System , he gave me the price which i was not sure if it was fair or not but i had to trust these guys , Electrician Scott did such a great clean job , i had him stay over for dinner , Thanks Larry and Florida Electrician.

Molly Mangel Boca Raton

On January 10 2013 my outside main panel burned up , having my house in foreclosure the last thing i wanted to do was fix my Electrical , well i started to go on line looking for Electricians who would save me money , i called Florida Electricians they told me for service the charge to come out would be 49.00 dollars , i told the Electrician Larry ok send somebody out ,in less than 1 hour Scott the owner came out and looked at my problem he told me the only way to fix my Electrical Problem is i had to change my outside panel and inside panel since that is the only way my job would pass inspection , Ernie gave me the price and wrote everything down what i needed ,i said to myself is this price too high , well i did a back take i told Scott i got to make a couple of phone calls to try and get the money at the same time i call three other Electrical Contractors and told them what i needed and got there prices, each company i called they where 500-1000 dollars higher than Florida Electrician , well after borrowing the Money from my Sister i call Florida Electricians back , Scott came out himself got my permit than did the job , and the job he did passed inspection so i was happy with that , now i can focus on fighting to keep my house !!!!!

Mr Manuel , Miami

Thank you guys for fixing my Electrical Problem, Larry you had the guys come out within the hour and Replace my old Zinsco Panel Box before my Home Owner Insurance was going to Cancel me ,thanks again guys

Betty Jacksonville Florida

I learned a hard lesson , i needed electrical work done in my house and i wanted to take the easy and cheap way out so i hired a unlicensed electrician , the guy i hired installed a new 200 amp service , after he got done the job my house lights started to flicker and my breakers keep tripping , i keep calling him to come back and fix my problem but he never showed up , then the power in the house got so bad i called FPL to come out , they looked at my electrical and red taged my meter , in other words they shut my power off , i went on my smart phone and called Florida Electrician , Scott the owner came out look at all the work i need done gave me a upfront price i told him just do it , Scott went and pulled my permit a week later he came back out installed my new system , the flicking lights and the tripping of the breakers was No More , it was a very painful lesson i learned Never Hire a Unlicensed Electrician.

From Guy who learned a Painful Lesson , West Palm Beach Florida

Thanks Guys for getting my power back on this past Sunday night During the SuperBowl ,Larry your guys got out here so fast they restored my power by kickoff time , and yes they did stay over till halftime , thanks again!

Gino from Fort Lauderdale